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Still listed first under "chicken extravaganza" in Alta Vista.


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Techie Gospel
Maglite/Gerber Shrine
Lighting Techs, people of God
Wishbone Game

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__Welcome again, friends and enemies. How are you? Don't answer that. I won't hear you. Well, I've been around this summer...from Virginia to the gulf coast of Mississippi to New Jersey. And let me tell you, nothing is better than one's own bed. Somewhere in the jumble of memories that comprised my summer vacation, I saw another Moxy Fruvous concert. Once again, great. Even better than last time. If you've heard their music, you gotta see 'em live. You've never seen such unbridled happiness. Check out the Topic of the "week" (yeah, shaddup.) for more information on Moxy. Anyway...updated, for the fist time in God knows how long. Have fun.
*never coming: Kraut's Page O' Lemurs!*

__Ok...this is the crew section, as we all know. I've joined the crew at my new Virginian school. Be it insanity, or just lack of good help, they made me master electrician. Exciting? (Update here: I'm now master electrician and a whole mess of other positions. Understaffed...sigh) Well, I haven't really made any new pages for this...I mean, there isn't much to say about it. If you're on the crew, you know about it. If you're not, you probably don't want to.
To start things off, I have a little page I made for my two favorite tools of the trade:
The MagLite-Gerber Shrine!

__And here's another crew-related thing I made a while back during a rather nasty little feud between me and some carpenter friends of mine. Don't worry. Things have calmed down. body count: only 3.
Lighting Technicians, People of God

and of course, the ever popular stage crew links!

__Hey. here's the MOGM section. (that's Mystic Order of the Golden Monkey for you ignorant types out there.)
Our operatives are now spread throughout the country, ready to sift through the masses of the ignorant of our nation to find the few, the proud, the lonely enough to join our hallowed order. You could be next.

The Mystic Order of the Golden Monkey

Stuff that has to do with me!

The world famous ANGRY MONKEY!!
angry monkey

__As the title clearly states, this section is basically a section that has stuff about me, Kraut. I'm not giving you my real name because it's irrelevant, and I'm afraid of scary internet people. I'm a 17 year old male in 12th grade at Fairfax High School. I've been told that I have a schizoid personality disorder, but recently I was informed by someone who actually knows what she's talking about that I don't. But not to worry. I'm still socially diseased. I seem to have Asperger's Syndrome instead. But I dunno (I'll take her word for it. see my guestbook). Decide for yourself. I basically do nothing except go to school and try to do some work on my school's stage crew. I'm content with my life, however pitiful it may be. So, that's about all I choose to tell you. Enjoy the page.

Interesting facts about me:
1. I've never eaten sauerkraut!
2. I love sauerkraut.
3. I can turn my feet almost completely backwards!
4. I ate wood glue once.
5. I'm not interesting.

What I do in my spare time:
1. I eat!
2. I sleep!
3. I work on stage crew!
4. Um...that's it.

Well, here's my other pages that don't really fit into a category:

The Useless yet Mysterious Dark Room!

for those times when boredom sets in so greatly that you start putting random words into search engines...
Topic of Interest for the Week

___Well, what can I say? Moxy Fruvous...not my favorite band, but in a certain vein, my favorite band. They are certainly the most interesting to see live. It's like a group comedy routine combined with both funny and beautiful music. The audience is always very involved. For instance, at the last concert I attended in Ocean City, NJ, a man who must have been in his seventies got up and stole an inflatible alien off the stage just as the band was talking about "taking what you can." By the end of each concert, the usually small venue is filled with a kind of happiness that transcends age, race, gender, and creed, so to speak. Moxy Fruvous makes me smile. For that, I thank them.

Here are a few links to start you off if you're interested:

FRUVOUS.COM: The official Moxy Fruvous site. Tour dates, band info, everything. The fan page. Overly obsessive fans call themselves, "fruheads." The newsgroup. If you really want the argue over the most trivial details of Moxy Fruvous, do so here. But you don't have my blessing.
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