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the new, the reformed...

Friends' Pages

Foolberto's Fun Page!: Two words: boar's testicles.

Tasha's House of Wholesomeness for the Unwholesome.: Great page...go there, clean yourself up.

Kevin Haughwout's Little Slice of the Web: He's got some good techie stuff...too bad he's a carp.

Brian's Home Away From Homepage: He just completely overhauled it...go there. He's even got a picture of himself.

Jean's page: Good page...she's interested in ska...if you care for the stuff, you might want to check it out.
The Magical Mind of Miss Colleen Martin: If you can stomach reading the word "magical" far too many times, go here.

Some files I happen to Like. (the "stuff" page)

The Mystic Order of the Golden Monkey!

It's Time for Crew links, you poor ignorant bastards! If you don't know what crew is, screw you!
Stagecrew Links

The Techie GospelVery funny(if you understand it.)

Onstage!Great big page of techie humor.

The 100-Code NoticeCodes to use during a show

Political-type Links

GOP.ORG Them crazy republicans! Some of my best friends are republicans.

Democrats.ORG Them equally crazy democrats! Slick Willy and his pals...

Death by Government!
Libertarian.Org-Everything Libertarian!
Free-Market.Net-My favorite. Lots of interesting stuff.
Self-Gov.Org-Take the quiz!