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Object of Play:

To be the player to recieve his "wish."

How to Play:

1. Select 2 players, and one "female contestant" (wishbone). Female contestant may or may not be willing to play.

2. players position "female contestant" or "wishbone" on the floor.

3. Each player chooses a leg.

4. On the count of 3, each player pulls violently on the leg he has selected.

5. The first person to successfully seperate the legs of the wishbone or pull the wishbone away from the other player wins. He gets his "wish". What this wish is is left to your minds, which are most likely in the gutter.

Requirements for postion as female contestant:

1. You must be female.

2. You must not be too eager to call the police or sue.

3. You must be small enough to control easily.

4. You must not kick or bite too hard.

Any female persons interested in becoming a contestant can contact Kraut at for further details.